Just want to share this nice picture of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) plane in front of the hangar of the College of Missionary Aviation


YWAM Value #6: Champion young people


YWAM is called to champion youth. We believe God has gifted and called young people to spearhead vision and ministry. We are committed to value them, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them. They are not only the Church of the future; they are the Church of today. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God.

How to move in faith and see transformations

The bible says that all things are possible to those who believe. With a desire to live beyond the limit of my environment, I did a focused study on the subject of faith for several years. Faith, I believe is one of the keys if we are to experience the abundant life that is promised to us.

Lots of teachings talk about faith as a way to move God, but do we really have to do something to make God move? Do we have the power or the right to move God?

God is generous. Look around and you will see that there are already lots of things he gave without waiting for us to ask. Think about salvation! Even before we were born, Jesus gave his life for us. He desires that we have life and have it in abundance.

We all know that faith works. But we have to understand how faith works in oder to operate in it.

The more I study, the stronger I believe that faith is cooperation with God. It is not getting God to move or getting him to do something. We move and work with God and give him access to work through us.

If things are not happening in our lives, the problem is not a God who waits to be moved with religious rituals. The problem is Christian who lacks the proper understanding on the subject of faith. Without the proper understanding of the principal and laws that govern faith, God is limited.

“He did not do many miracles there, because of their unbelief”

It is natural to believe after we receive. The bible tells us that we have to believe then we will receive. Reversing the equation is the same as sitting in front of the stove, waiting for heat before putting the wood. We are required to live in the future now. Call things, which are not as thought they were. It requires the ability to go beyond what you see and feel and accept a truth that is yet to come. It requires discipline. Faith is the ability to see the invisible. Here is where imagination and vision comes into play.

“Where there is no vision, people perish”

We have to allow the Holy Spirit to fill our imagination with the reality of God. Unfortunately, many Christians are being played by life like a Ping-Pong ball because they do not live out of the truth of the word of God. They know the word of God, but what defines their life is the situation around them.

Stop thinking that you are going to move God with faith. He is generous. Just as you do not have to make the sun shine in the morning, you do not have to move him to give you good gifts. He is eager to do that.

Get rid of the idea that you need to impress God in order for him to give you a favor. Do not fool yourself. That cannot be done. Just accept the fact that He loves you.

Do not let your current situation stop you from living the life God has for you. Dream! See yourself living the promise of God. See yourself enjoying his blessings. See yourself touching lives. Doing things that really makes a difference. As you do, you will start to see a change in your situation. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will be released and the transformation will start to take place.

…man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind — William James #Romans12:2



YWAM affirms the importance of families serving God together in missions, not just the father and/or mother. We encourage the development of strong and healthy family units, with each member sharing the call to missions and contributing their gifts in unique and complementary ways.

Florida will wait until next year

We were supposed to leave for Florida, College of Missionary Aviation, this coming July but since the school has to go through some process before being able to accommodate international student, we will have to wait until January 2018.

It is a little bit disappointing, but at the same time, we are excited for the opportunity to save more for the training.

We praise God that we already have all the money for the Aviation Maintenance Training  and only need to work on the Flight training part. You can visit this PAGE for more detail.

We are very blessed to have you praying for us. Your word of encouragement is uplifting and your donation helps make this project a reality.

Do you want to see your life transformed through prayer? Here, are three keys

You already know that prayer works, but if you only know it from someone else’s testimony or teachings you heard, here are three keys that could bring life to your prayer and change your situation and environment in very practical and tangible ways. Since I learned these three simple keys from the Word of God, I started to have my own personal testimonies and so could you.

I learned the keys from Mark 5:25-34.


Do not focus on the problem, focus on the solution.

The woman with the issue of blood saw herself healed as she touches Jesus.

Prayer is not fighting against the problem. Prayer is releasing the solution. Jesus fought for you and you are more than conqueror in Him. Prayer is taking possession of that victory.

In need? See the provision,

Sick? See the stripes of Jesus bringing health,

Praying for the lost? See the person changed and touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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We live in world that was created with words and reacts to words.

The woman SAYS, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.”

Your words will release power as you speak it with the proper vision. You do not die when you use the expression “die laughing” because you do not see yourself literally dead — it is just an expression.

As the song goes, let the weak SAY I am strong — NOT TRY to be strong.


What you see is what you create. Taking action comes almost naturally after you see it and speak it. After declaring health over my body for few weeks, I started to have a strong desire to exercise and eat clean. I have exercised regular for more than four years now and it has become part of my daily routine.

This action seems obvious if you want to be healthy, but there is real difference — in motivation and result — when the action was inspired by prayer. You will start to see changes in your life as you see action as part of prayer. It is not something you do after you pray.

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Go now and get hold of what is yours for the glory of God. See it, speak it and act.

How to have more ups than downs

Life is made with ups and downs, but I really believe that it is possible and it is in the heart of God that we experience more ups than downs.


Understand that blessings are not things, but the favor of God in your life

This is clear and straightforward. You are not blessed when you have things. Jesus paid the price of you sins and because of Him, God is now on your side. Because of his favor, things will come, but you should never measure or define the blessings of God based on your situation or the things you own.

Stick to the truth of the Word of God

As mentioned above, you cannot define the blessings of God based on your situation. If God says you are blessed, then you are blessed, despite your current situation — how much money you have, your health or the relationship issues that you are currently going through.

As you hold on to the truth, the situation will adjust itself to that truth

This is faith in action. Just as situation can change the pictures in your mind, the image you hold in your mind can also change the situation. The choice is your — to allow the situation to be in control or to control the situation by holding on to the truth of God (bringing the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven).

Resist the temptation to look at situation. Stick to the truth of the Word

As situation changes and things start to happen, it is very easy to fall back in the temptation of seeing blessings as things. Resist that temptation and continue to believe that you are blessed, not because you have things, but because of the spoken favor of God in your life.

Joshua 8 talks about the defeat at Ai. Joshua was new in leadership, but he was very successful and victorious because God gave him clear and specific instructions. He followed and lived out of those instructions. Gaining confidence at Ai, he looked at the situation instead of following the voice of God and they lost.

We can avoid the defeat at Ai, in our life. We may see it as a small defeat compared to the great victory of the children of Israel, but it is costly to the sons and daughters who lost a father and all the wives who lost husbands that day.

Do you want to experience more ups in your life? Stick to the Source by understanding that the blessings of God is active in your life because of Jesus. It is not based on your current situation. Stick to the truth of the Word of God even if situation does not agree with it. As you hold on to the truth, the situation will change according to your faith. When the situation changes, do not fall in the temptation of looking at situation — you will lose the connection and the situation will control your life again.

Hilltop airstrip

My first involvement with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Madagascar was as supervisor, extending the width and length of this hilltop airstrip with the local villagers in 2001.

MAF provides a connection and a lifeline to this isolated place, enabling missionaries, teachers, doctors,  and other humanitarian organizations to work there and be a blessing to the people.

I want to come back as a pilot. We currently raise funds for me to attend Florida College of Missionary Aviation in order to meet MAF or other mission aviation organizations’ standard.

For more detail please click  >>>HERE<<<

The Word of God is life

Several months ago, we were delighted when we heard the news that we were expecting a baby. The kids were overjoyed and they could hardly wait.

Upon hearing this news, Gabryella decided to challenge herself and read the Bible from cover to cover before the arrival of the baby. To reach this goal, she tries to read at least three hours a day.

Last January, our beautiful baby, Kanto RABETAFIKA, arrived and after being with us for five wonderful days, she left to be with Jesus.

Kanto Andraina Fiderana RABETAFIKA (January 4-9, 2017)

There is no need to go into detail on how difficult and devastating this event was for us as a family. However one of the things that helped us stand and gave us strength is to have God’s perspective.

It must have been terrible for the followers of Jesus to be on the day of his crucifixion. Not so much for us as we read the story in the Bible because we see the big picture and we know the reason behind everything as well as what will happen next.

It is only by seeing things through the eyes of God that we are able to stand and recover. I do not know if full and complete recovery is ever possible because part of us was gone. I know, however, that our life and our destiny in God will not be hindered by this event, tragic as it is. As a matter of fact this event will take us one step further toward what God has for us as family and individual because he says that all things work together for our good.

I got side tracked, but what I am trying to say is that the nine months Bible reading helped a lot in getting the perspective of God. It is true to say that the WORD is HEALTH to the one who receives it.

Blessed and being a blessing…

Every time God blesses me, he uses people and bless them also in the process.

I am currently hired by an organization to translate Christian articles from English to Malagasy. It is a real blessing to me, financially, but in the process I am a blessing to this organization and to all the Malagasy who will soon read the articles in a language they understand.

Also, there has been a time when I kept money aside to be donated and while praying for a direction as to whom to give, I receive an email from someone who are planning a mission trip and is raising funds. This missionary sees my donation as a blessing and an answer to prayer, but at the same time, I also see this missionary as a blessing and true answer to prayer.

Blessing is not a one way flow. It goes back and forth; everyone profits, faith grows and God is honored.

In a few months, I will go to College of Missionary Aviation in Florida and my family will join me. Here is a link to the detail and if you feel that you are blessed in any way by blessing us, then please feel free to be part of the journey.

I truly believe that blessing has to be two-way and everyone has to profit.

Faith is real

We cannot contrast living in faith with being realistic because faith is being real. It is just that it is not the reality you see with your eyes, but the reality of the Spirit. The reality revealed in the Word of God.

We are faced daily with events and situations that make us forget the truth of the Word of God. I agree with the saying that “what we see can make us blind” so I like to start my day with a good dose of reality so I do not get blinded by what will happen during the day — a reality of whom I am in Christ.

I declare them over my life; I see them as my reality and I thank God that these are my reality.

Here are just a few:

I am delivered from the power of darkness and transformed into the kingdom of God — Colossians 1:13

I am strong in the Lord — Ephesians 1:4

I am accepted in Christ — Ephesians 1:6

I am blessed — Deuteronomy 28:1-14

I qualify to share in his inheritance — Colossians 1:12

I am victorious — Revelation 21:7

I know God’s voice — John 10:14

Add to the list and practice declaring, seeing and thanking God until you are so established in the truth of the Spirit and not shaken by what happens in the physical reality.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, our friends and family. Love from the Rabetafika.


How to live a balanced life?

I realize it is really difficult to have a life in perfect balance. Do we even know what or where this balance is? It is constantly moving depending on the seasons of our life, but many reading suggests that a balanced life is key to happiness, health, success, etc.

As far as I am concerned, my primary reference in life is Jesus. I think he was one of the most balanced people who walked this earth. How did he live a balanced life and juggle between all the pressures of daily living and being the savior of the world?

HE LIVED OUT OF THE VOICE AND VISION OF GOD. He only did what he saw or heard from the father. He lived out of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was not influenced by peer pressure and followed the advice of his brothers to show himself off and make himself known. He was not moved by the enthusiasm of the crowd to follow him because the Spirit revealed the true condition of these people’s heart.

He made good decisions that mere human mind will not see as wise: he walked right into temptation in the beginning of his ministry; he kept going toward Jerusalem when it was clear that the Jew was trying to find a way to kill him; he did not fire one of his disciple when he clearly knew that he was stealing and that he was going to betray him; he left a village with more sick to heal because although he was the savior of the world, his primary mission was to obey God and live out of his voice and his vision.

Several times during the day, I would ask God to reveal me his thought, perspective or opinion. I keep my eyes on him, the author and finisher of my faith, and I pay attention to the thoughts that come to my mind during prayer. I have done this for several years now and I notice that my life is more and more focused.

I have peace because although I do not do everything with the same length of time or same intensity, I know I have a balanced life. Like Jesus, I am learning to do what I hear or see the father do.

Believe that you have received — not when you receive

Jesus taught that we have to believe AS we pray, THEN, we will receive. Many sincere Christians do not have the joy of receiving because they wait until they receive to believe.

Truth #1, faith is no longer needed once you receive it.

Truth #2, you can wait for a long time, but until faith is activated the receiving part will not happen. This is when people come up with “spiritual excuses” like, God wants to give me something better or he wants to teach me a lesson and asks me to wait longer.

Check your Bible, Jesus says it will happen to you according to your faith. God is a great God with burning desire to give us the best, but our faith is the limit.

I like to write on faith because I have always been a “prayer warrior”, but I only started to see things happen as I started to explore the realm of faith.

ATTITUDE is one of the things that changes once you start practicing faith while you pray instead of when you receive. Since you know you have it as you pray, you do not come to God as a beggar. And because you are not begging, you are not following a set of rules and formula as you pray, you are truly relating to God as a loving father.

Once you believe that you have received, it comes natural to act on your faith and take responsibility. I used to pray and leave everything in the hand of God. It is fatalism and spiritual laziness.

May you practice faith as you pray and see the kingdom of God become a reality in your life.

Faith of God

I wrote this two years ago and was blessed by it again today so I decided to reblog and hope that it will be a blessing to you as well.

From Glory to Glory

I have been in a place where I struggled with a situation for so long while trusting God to move and because there was no breakthrough I tried to find all kinds of rational explanation like maybe God can but does not care enough, or “maybe there is sin in my life”, etc.

The bible teaches us that the mind cannot understand spiritual things.

I have learned that the faith of God flowing from the spirit is creating situation; unlike the human faith coming from the 5 senses that depends on situation.

If I move with the later, my faith is strong when all goes well and weak when the challenge comes.

In the beginning, the world was void and formless but God did not say “oh, the world is void and formless” instead He said “let there be light” because his faith creates and he speaks things that are…

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What if prayer does not seem to work?

I really believe in the power of prayer, but there are times when it seems like it is not working or even worse, it seems to be producing the opposite of what I am praying about.

When performing miracles, Jesus often says, your faith has healed you. He did not say, your prayer has healed you — but your faith.

I am not against prayer, but I realize from his word that situations respond to faith. What I am trying to say is that it is possible to pray and not have faith; or pray for one thing and believe another thing.

Faith is seeing.

The lady with the issue of blood saw herself healed as she touched Jesus and this is what happened as she acted on her faith. The rest of the crowed touched Jesus, but no power was coming out of him and no miracle took place.

The centurion saw his servant healed as Jesus spoke and that is what happened. Faith is seeing and situations respond to faith.

I hear people praying for the salvation of their loved ones, but their prayer clearly shows that they see the person they are praying for as lost and hopeless. People praying for provision, but see and focus on lack and needs. People praying for health, but focus on sickness. Faith is seeing and situations respond to faith.

If you pray for health, but see, and therefore believe in sickness, the situation will respond to your faith and will produce more sickness.

It is crucial to remember the verse in Hebrews that encourage us to look, focus and keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Prayer is only powerful as we focus on the solution in Jesus. Prayer is not fighting against a problem. Prayer is releasing the solution. I believe this is what Jesus meant when he talked about bringing the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

So when prayer does not seem to work, check what are you focused on? Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will see the effectiveness of your prayer growing; it will be so much easier to be thankful. Most of all, the more you pray the bigger you will see God and the more you will fall in love with Him.


Prayer is enough

The Bible says that faith without action is dead and because of that, a lot of discussion goes on the balance between prayer and action.

I have learned that prayer is enough. This statement is wrong if one define prayer as kneeling down and begging God.

I have seen that every time I pray, God always leads me to action. Prayer triggers my creativity and enhance my intuition. One idea from God during prayer time can change a person’s life forever.


Once during prayer, God spoke to my heart and challenged me to use my language skill and work as freelance translator. There are times I have many work and lack the time to sit and pray in the conventional way. During those times, I do not allow guilt to get hold of me because I have learned that working as freelance translator is an expression of my communion with God and is a form of prayer.

I have learned to invite God to be part of every aspect of my life — not just my prayer time. I am free from guilt and I have seen a lot of miracles and breakthroughs.



A new quarter for the kids’ French class has started. We want to thank our friends for their generous support, making it possible for Antsa and Ben Junior to learn French.

May God bless you all.

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