How to release faith?

Mark 5:25-34 talks about the healing of a lady who was sick for twelve years. Verse 31 says that everyone was touching Jesus but nothing happened yet when this woman did, healing occurred. I used to feel like the crowed. I prayed but seems like my prayer does not have any effect but then I learned from this woman:
She was seeing her healing (vs. 28). Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Hope is an element of faith. Unlike wish, hope sees the possibility. I used to just pray but it never cross my mind to see how it will be like when my prayer is answered. I was just throwing prayer out there wishing for something to happen. Now I take the time to be with the Lord. I give him permission to show me how things will be when the prayer is answered. I meditate on his word and promise until it becomes personal and clear in the imagination of my heart. After all, the heros of faith saw their prayer afar off and welcomed it.
She spoke her healing (vs. 28). Everything you see was created out of words and respond to words. In one of his teaching, Jesus ask us to speak to the mountain instead of speaking to God about the mountain.
She was not touching Jesus wishing for something to happen like the rest of the crowd. She saw her healing, spoke it out and acted on it.
Now when I pray, I connect to God and see my prayer, speak it out and act on it.

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