Getting ready for the next step

When we left Worcester, South Africa few months ago, the plan was to prepare to come to America for a mission aviation school called Trinity Aviation Academy. Trinity Aviation Academy is a new school and they are not qualified to issue international student visa yet but they were willing to find another visa option with the immigration service to enable us to come.

Unfortunately, none of the attempt worked so we were forced to look for another school option. In search for this new option, we found out about a mission aviation organization called Mission Maintenance Service or MMS Aviation. This organization prepare people for the mission aviation field through apprenticeship as they fix and maintain real mission aviation plane. We have established contact with MMS already and the possibility to join this organization seems feasible although we have not started the application process yet.

At this stage we are not affiliated with MMS any way and we are not a candidate yet but should we be accepted, I will be able to study while working as apprentice mechanic. After 30 months working as apprentice, I should be able to pass my A&P License with the FAA. MMS is a faith mission and everyone working with MMS must raise their own support from friends and churches. Other than the core Christian values, personal qualities and spiritual qualifications required by the organization, we will have to be fully funded before we can join them. I (Ben) am planning to come to the US as soon as possible to talk to our friends and their churches about our vision and invite people to be part of it by joining our support team.

We do not have a set date yet and are busy with this preparation. We will keep you updated as we move on.



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