Journey back to Worcester – a lesson on patience

The journey from Madagascar to Worcester was a bit more challenging than usual this time but in the midst of it all God’s grace and presence was so real and so tangible.

We were supposed to leave Saturday morning at 10 for a flight to Nosy-Be and then to Johannesburg but for some reason Air Madagascar forgot to inform us that the flight was changed to a direct flight to Johannesburg leaving at 5 pm. That wasn’t cool but because we had several people coming to the airport saying good bye to us, they offered to wait with us and we really had a good time together.

Then we went to the registration process and waited for the boarding time. Again due to some technical problem, we had to wait for another hour or so. After all of these delays, we arrived safely in Johannesburg and our friend was there to pick us up. We drove to Pretoria and was able to take shower and had a good night sleep to be ready and refreshed for the 16 hours bus ride the next day.

There are so much more happening in between that we can share but to be brief, we took the bus from Pretoria, to Johannesburg and then to Worcester. Few hour after we left Bloemfontein there was an accident and we had to wait for another 2 hours. Then we arrive at Shell City Worcester but the guy who was supposed to fetch us already left because of the 2 hours delay we couldn’t inform him because we did not have his phone number. It was 6 am and I knew he won’t give it a second try until 10:30 (the arrival of the second bus) so that is another 4 and a half hours waiting and Worcester is hot.

We managed to find another number to call but Vodacom has canceled our number after one year of inactivity, the shop did not have a calling card for public phone and no one had a change to my R 100 note. As I pray, I felt I should explain my case to a lady and she gave 1 Rand and within half an hour we were home.


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