As far as God is concerned, it is a done deal!

When God says yes it means yes.

God has never intended his word to be for information only. When God speaks, He creates. When God says go, he creates all the necessary for us to be able to go. When he spoke to Elijah to go to the river of Kerith, he is sending the raven to bring food to him while he is speaking to Elijah. All that Elijah needed to do was to obey and go to that specific river in order for him to experience what God has for him.

When God speaks he creates. One sure thing he creates every time he speaks to us is faith. For faith comes from hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. When God gives a promise, it is a done deal and faith is the difference between us experiencing his promise and not experiencing his promise. When Jesus walked on water, He already changed the nature of water in order for it to be able to carry him, Peter and the rest of the disciples. As far as Jesus was concerned, man could walk on water. The difference between Peter and the rest of the disciple was that Peter asked Jesus if he could come and when Jesus said “come”, faith raised in him and he went out of the boat and experience something exciting that night.

Once again, God’s word is not for information only. When he speaks he creates so whatever he is telling, be sure to know that he has already created.


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