God is all and is in all

Before, I used to think like this “I need to finish quickly what I am doing so I can spend some time with God”… Now I think/pray “God thank you that you are always present in my life. As I do this thing let’s enjoy each other’s company. Release the God that you are in this thing that I do and be glorified.”

Time alone with God is not a spiritual thing that I have to try hard to have to balance the ‘secular’ activities that I do. God is all and is in all. I can be busy with my work during the day; go home and relax without feeling guilty that I did not spend hours in prayer and / or bible study. I can go home relax and thank God for the time we had together at work.

I am not against prayer time and bible study; I do it regularly and encourage people to do the same. But I do not think there should be a spiritual and non spiritual time as God is all and is in all.


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