Knowing the will of God?

Because asking for the wrong question or not fully understanding the question can lead to the wrong answer; so instead of giving a list of what to do to know the will of God, let’s try to examine and even challenge the question first.


The word “know” was mentioned for the first time in the bible in the book of Genesis by the devil. Before the fall, Adam and Eve lived in communion with God and moved with God in their spirit. For instance, Adam was in deep sleep when God created Eve. There was no way for him to intellectually know what was going on but as soon as he saw Eve he knew, in his spirit, that she was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. From this we can imagine that when Adam was naming the animals in the garden, he did not think hard to try to come up with names but rather moved in his spirit and sense, in his spirit from the spirit of God, the proper name for each animal. We are not saying it is wrong to have intellectual knowledge. We just observe in the story in Geneses that the devil offered a life lived out of intellectual knowledge as an alternative to a life lived out of a communion with God.


Then we can ask, “Did Jesus know the will of God?” He said, He only does what he sees or hears from the Father (John 5:19; 12:50).  We can see from this then that Jesus was living his life and ministry out of a communion with the Father. God was busy working in the lives of people and the revelation God gave to Jesus was an invitation for Jesus to participate in what God is already doing. Jesus was not living his life and ministry out of a principal but out of a communion with the Father.


Ephesians 5:17 mentions that we have to know the will of God. I believe knowing in this particular verse refers to communion and oneness (husband and wife oneness) and therefore suggest a pursuit of the heart of God instead of the mind of God. I believe when we live in communion and become one with God, we will automatically have the mind of Christ as Paul says.


Finally, people who wants to know the will of God usually want to know it so they can do all that they can and uses all the resources available to make it happen. You cannot do the will of God out of your own strength. The will of God is not to draw us away from God but to bring us closer to Him.


Also, if you look deep, there usually are fears behind this question of knowing the will of God. People are afraid to miss the blessings; afraid to displease God by doing the wrong thing which may sound right but is legalism and religion that could bring bondage and can easily be used by the enemy to infiltrate guilt. We do not please God by doing it perfectly right. We please God only by faith in the one who has done the right thing for us – Jesus Christ.


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