Journal from a time alone with God

A revelation of the power of forgiveness will affect the way you live your life as well as how you are relating to others.

Performance and social status is not a good foundation for life — salvation and the work of Jesus is. The reason for his death and resurrection is to restore your identity. Although, being a better person is good, his sacrifice is first and foremost for the restoration of your sonship. Jesus offered his life so you can be who you were made to be. This has nothing to do with performance and activity.

A king is a king whether good or bad. In the bible, Pharaoh was always the king even Joseph was the one doing all the work. It is about being and not doing.

You are one with the living God because of the redemptive work of Jesus. You start living out this truth and this truth will produce fruit in your life. Start living out of this oneness with Jesus and you will see the change and transformation.

Do not try to change to prove oneness and affirm your identity in Christ. A true relationship with Jesus will always produce change; change from within and not from without.


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