Handling situation with grace

On my previous post, law and grace, I shared about law attempting to control behavior while grace is changing the heart.


I have encountered a conflicting situation with someone yesterday. Without going into much detail, I thought the person was very disrespectful and was very inconsiderate and I was very angry at him. In fact I can almost say I was furious.


Few hours after the incident, I was relaxing and spending some time with God while talking to Him about my day. As I thought about the incident that made me angry, I felt the Lord was ministering to my heart and giving me a different perspective of the situation.


While I was busy trying to prove that I was right and that I had the right to be angry, I felt a voice in my spirit asking, “Why are you giving other people authority to control your life?” You see it is not about who was right or who was wrong sometimes but about you giving that person authority to mess with your day and your mood. Someone once said, it does not matter how rough the wave, the boat will not sink if the water does not get in. I have allowed this situation to get into me. I quickly repented and surrender my life back to Jesus again and allow him to have control over the situation.


You see, that situation was not the first and will not be the last. If I tried to control my anger, I might succeed some times and fail in other times. But if I realize that Jesus needs to be the one in control of my heart at all times, I believe I will handle similar situation in a better way in the future as I refuse to give other people or situation authority over me. This is growth.  2 Peter 3:18 talks about growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and I realize that the more we live in the grace (and see things the way God does) the more we will grow. A growth energized by a changed heart and not by manpower and determination.


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