Few prayer requests as we enter 2014

We believe in the power of God being released through prayer and would like to ask you to pray these prayer points with us if you do not mind.

As a family we feel called to be a “practical support team”. Like in the battle of Exodus 17, we feel called to be the Aaron and Hur. Our passion is to do that in the area of health care (Gabryella) and aviation (Ben) but we understand we do not have to wait for the right condition to serve so here we are with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Worcester South Africa for the last few years supporting the running of YWAM base in accounting and vehicle / transportation.

  • Can you please pray with us that God will give us a larger platform to serve, a bigger sphere of influence. We believe this is needed in order for us to grow but we also believe that we have grown and we have more to give.
  • Talking about larger platform, we still plan to go to YWAM Australia this year for Gabryella to attend several health care schools with YWAM Perth. So far we have done all that we felt should have been done. We continue to pray and trust God to give us further direction/guidance so that is another prayer request.
  • Our family monthly budget here in South Africa is $1500. We do not have this amount fully covered but we want to pray and trust God for the full amount this year. Youth With A Mission is a non-profit organization and all of its staff is responsible to raise their own support with friends, family and churches. Donation details are available here, if you feel led to be part of it.
  • As a “tent making” to cover this financial gap, we work for several translation agencies worldwide by providing English to French and Malagasy translations. Six months ago the motherboard of our computer died and fixing it will be the same as buying a new one so working has been a bit challenging. We have been praying for MacBook pro so please pray with us.

Thanks for partnering with us through your prayer. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to Contact us


Philippians 3.13


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