It is guidelines, not conditions

I grew up knowing that God’s love is unconditional. However as I read my bible I see more and more conditions, like if I do not forgive, God will not forgive, if I weaver in prayer, God will not answer etc.

Lately I have learned that God is unconditional indeed. When Jesus died on the cross, one of his last word was, it is finished. Not it will be finished if… He died for my sin while I was still a sinner, before I was even born and l really do not see a condition or things I have to do to make him do it because he has done it already anyway.

God is an unconditional God. What good he did, he did because he is a God of love and that is what he does. However, because he is a God of love and a very respectful God, he will not impose his goodness and his blessings on us. We have to make the choice to receive it or not.

I have learned lately that those verses that seems to set conditions are not conditions but guidelines. He is showing us how we could enjoy the things he has given freely and unconditionally. As an example, forgiveness is complete and free in Jesus but one has to forgive others in order to follow in God’s gift of forgiveness.

Condition is something one must do before the other party does his part. Guideline is a step or action one must take in order to acquire what is already done or given.

Two person going to the bank, the one asking for a loan must meet certain condition. The one cashing a cheque is following steps to acquire what is already his.

Reading those verses of the bible makes more sense now and reaffirms God’s character and love. He loves me so much he shows me how to enjoy and flow in his free gift.


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