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The children of Israel complained a lot during their journey from Egypt to the promise land. Although Moses, their leader, were able to handle them with calmness most of the time Numbers 11 shares a time where he just had enough of their complaint. In fact he was so sick of the complaining of his people that he sounded depressed and suicidal. “I am not able to bear all this people” he said in verse 14; “please kill me now” he told God in verse 15.

If you read the story and try to be on Moses’ shoes his reaction is totally understandable. In fact even God understood him and offered a solution: seventy men to help Moses and share the load with him.

So up to this point everything is normal but what I found very interesting was the word God said in verse 17 when he explained to Moses what He was going to do. He said, “I will take of the Spirit which is in you…” He could have said, I will give them of my Spirit or I will give them Spirit similar to what I have given you. But instead He said I will take of the spirit from you and then will share it to the seventy. Why? Because He gave Moses enough spirit to carry out the task of leading the children of Israel and dealing with them. Now that they will share the task, they will also share the spirit. No extra measure of the spirit was needed because the problem was not lack of spirit and power in the first place. Moses had all the spirit, power and authority he needed in himself through the spirit of God, to accomplish his task.

The aim is not to find fault in Moses but to learn something very interesting from the story. As born again Christian, we are all given a measure of faith and Spirit. The faith that Jesus had to do the miracle he did is in our spirit; the same spirit and power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and active in us. Like Moses, the power is in us but it is not activated because we do not look in the spirit as God does, but we look at the problem, the circumstances and our flesh and end up with the conclusion that we cannot.

We have all that we need in Jesus. Once we have accepted him in our lives, these powers, righteousness and all have been deposited in our spirit. The book of Hebrew suggest and encourage us to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. This is how we will flow in the power of God within us and this will allow us to say “I can do all things” not in myself, not in my own power, not with my education but “through Christ” alive in me.


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