First Week of Family Ministry School

After a wonderful two years serving in the practical ministry of the base in the area of finance and transportation, we felt this is a season for us to challenge ourselves a little bit further. Allowing ourselves to grow in other areas of our lives; and enlarging our ministry platform. For the next three months, Gabryella and I (Ben) are attending the Family Ministry School (FMS) of YWAM Worcester.

Below some of the pictures from the first week – Enjoy!!!

FMS Classroom setup

FMS Classroom Setup

FMS Praying for the speaker

All students praying for the speakers before the beginning of the class

Family Foundation International

The speakers/facilitators from Family Foundations International with the School leaders (the two on the left hand side)



While the first week was very intense, we have a very relaxed learning atmosphere during class


Enjoying coffee with fellow student during the break



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