Couple Seminar

We organized a Couple Seminar as a school and Gabryella and I had the awesome privilege of sharing about how transparency and being vulnerable leads to intimacy. Here are some comments from some of the participants:


Christopher and Hannan (Soudan):

It was great to have that beautiful day with you there at couple seminar. The teaching was honey with a milk, (Sudanese expression for the something beneficial) It was excellent, in our side we took a car that need to be fixed. That was me and my wife, everyone of us doesn’t want to be fix or named out the problem so that could be solve. Really each one of us was able to recognized his/ her own defect.


Khaya and Grace (South Africa/Nigeria):

Your teaching spoke a lot to us as a family, especially when guys spoke about the walls you sort of built to protect yourself from getting hurt! we could identify so much with that! and also because not long ago we identify similar walls in our marriage and off I am happy to say that those walls are broken. when you guys spoke we felt you so much!!
We want to thank you all for your contributions into our lives and ministries through prayer, financial support and just by being there for us as a friend. Thank you for touching lives together with us. God bless you!


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