Begin By Taking a Rest

I have always understood Sabbath as the day off one takes after 6 days of work.

Recently, I notice as I read my Bible that Sabbath was Adam’s first day because he was created on day six. So he was taking a rest, enjoying God and enjoying the garden before he started to take up his assignment on the first day of the second week.

I know lots of people who struggle to take a rest and time off. I believe it has something to do with the way they were raised as well as their personality. I am the kind who can take a rest after I feel I have done enough – a feeling that never comes easily I must admit.

With this new perspective, one must understand that rest is not a reward. It is not something you get after paying the price. It is a requirement in order for you to be effective – especially when it comes to working with and / or for God.

The Bible says “be still and know that I am God”. You must do it if you are to experience God in his fullness – who He is and what He can do through and for you. After being in the ministry for several years now, in many occasions I find myself running from one activities to another; losing sight of the big picture; always searching but never satisfied. Moving to a different type of minstry, department or even location thinking if it is not here, it must be somewhere.

I understand now that a big part of the problem is that I never took the time to be with God and seek for his heart first before taking the assignment, the job or the ministry.

Sabbath is not just a good advice or a better option from God, it is one of the ten commandmant. But please do not see it as a reward you get after working hard but see it as a time you invest in the presence of God in order for you to really live your life and your ministry with the fullness of God and his power.


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