Message for the week

Monday morning is the time we worship together as a base here in Youth With A Mission Worcester. It is a time where we all start the week by bringing our focus back to God and getting a big picture of what we are doing and why are we here? After all, Youth With A Mission or YWAM is not about the activities but about “Knowing God and making Him known”.

Some of my highlights for today’s worship time:

  • God has been speaking to us as individual and as a base that it is a time for new season – God is about to do new things as we step into this new season.
  • Our past hurt sometimes prevent us from experiencing the freedom and the blessings God has for us. It is not saying that the hurt and frustration is not there but we cannot allow those hurt and frustration to stop us.
  • We sometimes ask God to do something because there are so many needs around us. And God in response says “I did, I made you”. It is time for us to stand up and do something.

Have a blessed week.

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