Jesus lived out of the voice and vision of God

Jesus had three years to make sure he trained the right group to carry on the work after he is gone. Since the sacrifice he is about to make is quite significant, it is important that these guys are properly trained.

Thinking about the size and importance of the work Jesus had to do during those three years, if I was in his place, I believe he should have had a clear plan, objectives to reach every week, every three months, and every year etc. He had so much to do in such a short period of time. He must have been nervous all the time and struggle to take time to rest. He must have been “busy”.

In one instance, they were in a small boat and there was a strong wind, so strong that the disciple thought they were going to die but Jesus was sleeping. This tells me that he was very relaxed.

Obviously, Jesus was successful in training the guys to carry on the work. Two thousand years have passed and we still talk about Jesus and his gift of life on the cross. He was not writing an action plan and weekly and monthly objectives like I suggested. He lived out of the voice and the vision of God. He only did what the Father told him or shew him.

There are times I also feel like I have so much to do in a short period of time. I want to be successful and I do not want to be overwhelmed by those tasks. I have learned that like Jesus I need to learn to master the skill of hearing his voice and seeing vision in order for me to be able to release the anointing and experience the abundant life God has for me. I believe this is also the only way to experience the promise of Deuteronomy 28 of being the head and not the tail; to lead and not to follow. After all, the chapter start with a condition of listening to his voice.

I am happy for the promise of Jesus that his sheep hear his voice. Listening to the voice of God is not just a nice thing to do, it is central to Christianity.


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