A new school year starts in Madagascar

The last few months we had several tremendous opportunities to share, minister and serve our people here in Madagascar.

One of our favorite topic is the difference between a love relationship with God and the religious activity we do. One starts with the knowledge of God’s love and acceptance because of Jesus; while the other starts with self trying to earn God’s favor.

Malagasy have great zeal for God and are passionate people. Only sometimes this zeal can turn into self-effort and lead the people of God into relying on self instead of relaxing in the finished work of Jesus.

This September, a new school year is starting and it means extra expense for many families who do not have the mean to budget and save in advance.

We were very blessed to be able to support and minister to families in a practical way by helping them with stationery and easing them out of the extra financial load.

We want to thank you for your prayer and support; because you are a blessing to us, we can continue to be a blessing to others.

Please keep us in your prayer as we continue to minister here in Madagascar. Please pray that more opportunities will be opened to us.


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