Learning to wait

You cannot microwave the call of God in your life. Crash is not the same as picking up speed. Taking the baby before its time is not giving birth, but abortion.

Learn to wait and allow God to prepare you for what he has for you. We are serving an eternal God and time is not a concern to him.
The impact you make in a year after a proper preparation will exceed the change you can bring in five or even ten years without God preparing you. Not to mention the frustration of being assigned, or assigning yourself a job, you are not ready to take.
I see people around me who excel in what they do. I was jealous because I thought God had a favourite, but as I listen to the story of those successful people, I learn that they have paid the price of preparation. They did not give up when things were not going as planned. They did not give God a deadline and took their life back and took the initiative in their own hand when God did not “move on time”.
Like a clay in a potter’s hand, they surrendered to God and allow him to have his way. They have learned the art of waiting on God. Every extra hour, day, month or even year of waiting was not a drag, but an opportunity to learn faith and to know God more.
I have a call, a mission and a destiny. I want to birth God’s dream for my life and through my life. Under the power and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will wait until this dream comes to maturity and ready to be released as a blessing to the nation. Under God’s grace, I will pay the price of discipline and see for myself the peace that comes after the storm, the victory that comes after the battle.

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