I am not called for survival

I want to become a missionary pilot because I want to be part of a missionary group that supports other missionaries working in isolated place by providing them transportation, a lifeline and a connection to the rest of the world with aviation.

I am passionate about aviation, but I also feel called to serve the church, the member of the body of Christ, so they can reach their full potential and excel in what they are called to do.

In addition to the practical things I can do to serve, I also want God to use my life to be an inspiration of faith.

I used to complain about growing up in a third world country and having an expensive dream such as being a pilot. God knew that desire in me and he could have just put me in Europe, in America or in a wealthy family to make things easier.

But as time goes, I realise that the challenge I am facing could be what God will use to inspire others. I thought that when I finally become a pilot, serving in the mission field, I could go and speak to churches, youth groups and men’s bible study and inspire others to pursue God’s dream for them.

In Luke 16:8, a master commended a servant who stole from him, not because he approves theft, but because the servant did not steal and spent like he used to do. Instead he was stealing from his master in order to invest in his future (Luke 16:4).

God is so much into investing, that even a bad steward gets a positive recommendation as soon as he thinks beyond survival.

None of us is called for survival, but with one compromise after another, we end up settling for less than what God dreams about us. Many have even lost their ability to dream.

I thought, I will have authority to speak and inspire others to dream with God once I reach my dream of becoming a pilot. But I realise I do not have to wait until I reach mine to start inspiring others. I haven’t arrived, but I have left. I have tried to get my pilot license the last 10 years. I have 63 hours flight now and I do not have my pilot license yet. It might be a long way still, but I refuse to give up. Survival is not a call, at least it is not mine.

I am not speaking as someone who have made it. I am a fellow traveler who is in this journey of discovering God’s destiny for me and birthing it in my reality. If you are one of those people who lost the ability to dream, then I pray for you right now that God will restore that ability. May he enables you to see your life, your future as he sees it.


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