Why am I happy with what I do?

Someone once said, “As soon as I found out my core mission, I forgot about the job title”. I did not realize it in the beginning, but this has been true for me.


The desire of my heart is to become a missionary pilot. I have a passion for aviation and to fly, as a ministry will be the greatest thing I could ever do. I haven’t reached that goal yet and still my life is good and I have nothing to complain.

I recently came to the realization that my core mission is “empowerment” and when I empower other, I feel energized.

I want to become a missionary pilot because I want to empower ministries and missionaries working on isolated location by providing them transportation and a connection to the rest of the world.


What brings the joy and satisfaction in what I do is the core mission — empowerment.

So even if I did not have the privilege of flying a lifeline supply to a ministry located in the jungle of Madagascar yet, I had great joy and satisfaction driving ministry teams around the Western Cape in South Africa. I served them so they can have more time and energy doing what God has called them to do – sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Maybe cooking for 100+ students and staff does not seem to be a glorious ministry, but I loved doing it because it was in line with my core mission of empowerment.


Currently, we work as freelance translator to help with our income and save for our next step – College of Missionary Aviation. Although fundraising is the main focus, I also enjoy doing it because I get to bring my contributions to companies and businesses by opening them up to the rest of the world through translation – once again in line with my core mission.

I look around and I see that people who are not happy with what they do are either doing something that does not lineup with their core mission or are ignorant of it.


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