Faith of God

I wrote this two years ago and was blessed by it again today so I decided to reblog and hope that it will be a blessing to you as well.

From Glory to Glory

I have been in a place where I struggled with a situation for so long while trusting God to move and because there was no breakthrough I tried to find all kinds of rational explanation like maybe God can but does not care enough, or “maybe there is sin in my life”, etc.

The bible teaches us that the mind cannot understand spiritual things.

I have learned that the faith of God flowing from the spirit is creating situation; unlike the human faith coming from the 5 senses that depends on situation.

If I move with the later, my faith is strong when all goes well and weak when the challenge comes.

In the beginning, the world was void and formless but God did not say “oh, the world is void and formless” instead He said “let there be light” because his faith creates and he speaks things that are…

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