Believe that you have received — not when you receive

Jesus taught that we have to believe AS we pray, THEN, we will receive. Many sincere Christians do not have the joy of receiving because they wait until they receive to believe.

Truth #1, faith is no longer needed once you receive it.

Truth #2, you can wait for a long time, but until faith is activated the receiving part will not happen. This is when people come up with “spiritual excuses” like, God wants to give me something better or he wants to teach me a lesson and asks me to wait longer.

Check your Bible, Jesus says it will happen to you according to your faith. God is a great God with burning desire to give us the best, but our faith is the limit.

I like to write on faith because I have always been a “prayer warrior”, but I only started to see things happen as I started to explore the realm of faith.

ATTITUDE is one of the things that changes once you start practicing faith while you pray instead of when you receive. Since you know you have it as you pray, you do not come to God as a beggar. And because you are not begging, you are not following a set of rules and formula as you pray, you are truly relating to God as a loving father.

Once you believe that you have received, it comes natural to act on your faith and take responsibility. I used to pray and leave everything in the hand of God. It is fatalism and spiritual laziness.

May you practice faith as you pray and see the kingdom of God become a reality in your life.


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