How to live a balanced life?

I realize it is really difficult to have a life in perfect balance. Do we even know what or where this balance is? It is constantly moving depending on the seasons of our life, but many reading suggests that a balanced life is key to happiness, health, success, etc.

As far as I am concerned, my primary reference in life is Jesus. I think he was one of the most balanced people who walked this earth. How did he live a balanced life and juggle between all the pressures of daily living and being the savior of the world?

HE LIVED OUT OF THE VOICE AND VISION OF GOD. He only did what he saw or heard from the father. He lived out of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was not influenced by peer pressure and followed the advice of his brothers to show himself off and make himself known. He was not moved by the enthusiasm of the crowd to follow him because the Spirit revealed the true condition of these people’s heart.

He made good decisions that mere human mind will not see as wise: he walked right into temptation in the beginning of his ministry; he kept going toward Jerusalem when it was clear that the Jew was trying to find a way to kill him; he did not fire one of his disciple when he clearly knew that he was stealing and that he was going to betray him; he left a village with more sick to heal because although he was the savior of the world, his primary mission was to obey God and live out of his voice and his vision.

Several times during the day, I would ask God to reveal me his thought, perspective or opinion. I keep my eyes on him, the author and finisher of my faith, and I pay attention to the thoughts that come to my mind during prayer. I have done this for several years now and I notice that my life is more and more focused.

I have peace because although I do not do everything with the same length of time or same intensity, I know I have a balanced life. Like Jesus, I am learning to do what I hear or see the father do.


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