Blessed and being a blessing…

Every time God blesses me, he uses people and bless them also in the process.

I am currently hired by an organization to translate Christian articles from English to Malagasy. It is a real blessing to me, financially, but in the process I am a blessing to this organization and to all the Malagasy who will soon read the articles in a language they understand.

Also, there has been a time when I kept money aside to be donated and while praying for a direction as to whom to give, I receive an email from someone who are planning a mission trip and is raising funds. This missionary sees my donation as a blessing and an answer to prayer, but at the same time, I also see this missionary as a blessing and true answer to prayer.

Blessing is not a one way flow. It goes back and forth; everyone profits, faith grows and God is honored.

In a few months, I will go to College of Missionary Aviation in Florida and my family will join me. Here is a link to the detail and if you feel that you are blessed in any way by blessing us, then please feel free to be part of the journey.

I truly believe that blessing has to be two-way and everyone has to profit.


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