The Word of God is life

Several months ago, we were delighted when we heard the news that we were expecting a baby. The kids were overjoyed and they could hardly wait.

Upon hearing this news, Gabryella decided to challenge herself and read the Bible from cover to cover before the arrival of the baby. To reach this goal, she tries to read at least three hours a day.

Last January, our beautiful baby, Kanto RABETAFIKA, arrived and after being with us for five wonderful days, she left to be with Jesus.

Kanto Andraina Fiderana RABETAFIKA (January 4-9, 2017)

There is no need to go into detail on how difficult and devastating this event was for us as a family. However one of the things that helped us stand and gave us strength is to have God’s perspective.

It must have been terrible for the followers of Jesus to be on the day of his crucifixion. Not so much for us as we read the story in the Bible because we see the big picture and we know the reason behind everything as well as what will happen next.

It is only by seeing things through the eyes of God that we are able to stand and recover. I do not know if full and complete recovery is ever possible because part of us was gone. I know, however, that our life and our destiny in God will not be hindered by this event, tragic as it is. As a matter of fact this event will take us one step further toward what God has for us as family and individual because he says that all things work together for our good.

I got side tracked, but what I am trying to say is that the nine months Bible reading helped a lot in getting the perspective of God. It is true to say that the WORD is HEALTH to the one who receives it.


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