How to have more ups than downs

Life is made with ups and downs, but I really believe that it is possible and it is in the heart of God that we experience more ups than downs.


Understand that blessings are not things, but the favor of God in your life

This is clear and straightforward. You are not blessed when you have things. Jesus paid the price of you sins and because of Him, God is now on your side. Because of his favor, things will come, but you should never measure or define the blessings of God based on your situation or the things you own.

Stick to the truth of the Word of God

As mentioned above, you cannot define the blessings of God based on your situation. If God says you are blessed, then you are blessed, despite your current situation — how much money you have, your health or the relationship issues that you are currently going through.

As you hold on to the truth, the situation will adjust itself to that truth

This is faith in action. Just as situation can change the pictures in your mind, the image you hold in your mind can also change the situation. The choice is your — to allow the situation to be in control or to control the situation by holding on to the truth of God (bringing the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven).

Resist the temptation to look at situation. Stick to the truth of the Word

As situation changes and things start to happen, it is very easy to fall back in the temptation of seeing blessings as things. Resist that temptation and continue to believe that you are blessed, not because you have things, but because of the spoken favor of God in your life.

Joshua 8 talks about the defeat at Ai. Joshua was new in leadership, but he was very successful and victorious because God gave him clear and specific instructions. He followed and lived out of those instructions. Gaining confidence at Ai, he looked at the situation instead of following the voice of God and they lost.

We can avoid the defeat at Ai, in our life. We may see it as a small defeat compared to the great victory of the children of Israel, but it is costly to the sons and daughters who lost a father and all the wives who lost husbands that day.

Do you want to experience more ups in your life? Stick to the Source by understanding that the blessings of God is active in your life because of Jesus. It is not based on your current situation. Stick to the truth of the Word of God even if situation does not agree with it. As you hold on to the truth, the situation will change according to your faith. When the situation changes, do not fall in the temptation of looking at situation — you will lose the connection and the situation will control your life again.


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